Daily Schedule 9am-1pm

This is an example of the layout of a typical day. The children’s individual personalities, particular interests and group dynamics influence the
activities for the group.IMG-20150219-WA0011

  • 9am-9:30am Drop Off
  • 9 am -10 am      Vamos a Jugar or Vamos a ser Artistas Free play or activities on the tables, Manipulatives, Art project.          
  • 10:15-10:45am   Vamos a sentarnos en el circulo Circle time, times for snacks, Reading, Singing, Music, Games, Dramatic play. 
  • 10:45am-12pm  ¡Vamos al parque! (Let’s go outside!)  Walk to different playgrounds in the neighborhood.
  • 12:15pm       ¡Vamos a Poner la mesa! (Let’s set the table!) Washing hand and Preparing the table to eat.
  • 12:30pm       ¡Vamos a Comer! (Let’s Eat!) Lunchtime. Kids help to prepare their lunch.
  • 20150423_10191212:50 – 1pm     Pick Up

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