After School Class

We are not offering After school classes at the moment



Children aged 2-4 years old

Starting October 2011

Wednesdays 4pm to 5pm

Class description:

Fun and play form the foundation for our preschool classes. Within two or three classes, children learn to repeat songs and chants. Meanwhile, they become familiar with more complex aspects of the language by engaging in “adventures,” art projects, and movement-based games that require them to solve simple problems – in their new language, and all by themselves! These adventures, starring the BRAVO Kids, our multicultural stories, take students to other lands and cultures to ensure that their language instruction is combined with cultural exposure. This class is ideal for those students who are enrolled in preschool and have not yet started Kinder.

  1.  Classes start the weeks of October 3rd (contact: for more details)
  2. Classes end the week of December 9th
  3. Make-up classes may be completed during the current season only.
  4. Classes may be cancelled after the 3 week of class if there are not at least 3 students enrolled. If this occurs, students may receive credit for the next season.


  • Our classes are $14.00 each, $130.00 for the whole session, which includes materials.


  • Siblings receive discounted enrollment – 10% discount
  • Students enrolled in Bravo Kids Child Care – $15 discount