Learn a foreign language-Spanish!

IMG_5380Children learn languages at different rates, but before long, all Bravo Kids children respond to phrases in Spanish. Later, they begin to answer questions. Soon, they carry on brief conversations and are well on their way to becoming bilingual.

Enhance Creativity

Part of our curriculum is art based: Based on a true premise that if you draw what you are learning about, you will learn it much faster and retain the information much longer. Our curriculum combines proven instructional methods in an environment that kids enjoy, which combines kinesthetic, visual and oral languages through drawing, painting, and crafts.

Improve Learning Abilities

It has been shown that learning a foreign language can improve learning skills and grades in math & English as well. Bravo Kids children gain a new way to communicate with others and get a head start on the rest of their schooling as well. At the same time they learn about other cultures and increase their interest in speaking their new language.